Sunday, September 2, 2007

Taking a vote to open up the blog

I wanted to put it to a vote as to whether or not we open up the blog to outsiders. I am still on the fence about this due the negative posts by "users" such as 507 and the idiot environmentalist I had a run in with early on. But I wanted to run it by the rest of you. As it stands, if people find us, the page just says you have to log on to view, but does not tell people who to contact or how to get an account. So I want to hear from you whether or not we open it back up. You can e-mail me at or just post a comment on the blog. Thanks.

Mick @ Lot 83

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Jake said...


Thanks for all the rebuttals to the rumors, and all the good info. Very helpful. I saw your question about opening the blog up to the public. Have you seen the forum lately? ( for those who are unfamiliar) I broke it up into 2 sections - the public forum and the members-only forum. I think there are certain things only members should discuss or see, and other harmless topics that could be open to the public (for viewing only). If the entire forum, or your blog, is all open to the public, then we can't talk as freely about the issues. I think that's important.

In the forum, only members can post (even in the public part) because I can't sit there all day and babysit the forum. Believe me, if you open your blog to the public, you will get deluged with spam, porn, hateful posts and you name it. So I guess it depends on your tolerance level. Mine is very low. If you decide to open the blog to the public, it would be a good idea to review each post before it is published. Maybe you were planning to do that.

Does Blogspot allow you to put your e-mail address on that entry page? Makes sense to me.

I plan on adding a menu of relevant links to a part of the forum at the top, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I was planning on including your blog address. In the meantime I will add a post directing people to your blog.

Good luck, and thanks again for all your followup.