Sunday, September 9, 2007

Closing down the blog


It's been a good ride, but it seems that Jake's Red Frog Beach Forum is the preferred place to speculate and spread rumors, so I am going back to my day job!

I only started this forum because there were so many stories going around after Ron closed his blog that I wanted to get the information out. But it seems people like to live in high drama around the Red Frog Project on the other blog; I'm just not one of them.

Either I am in or I am out. Right now I am in and supporting the project! We all have a lot to lose if the project fails, and I am not going to help it do so by spreading rumors, speculations or lies.

So for that reason, I'm closing up shop effective tomorrow evening. Thanks for all of you who participated.

Mick @ Lot 83


Jake said...


You said you are not going to help the project fail by spreading rumors, speculations or lies. One way you CAN help the project is to continue this blog and to continue to do your work finding out the truth and making it known to others. You've posted many good articles on this blog and I've enjoyed reading them. I refer people to your blog so that they can see those articles. Sometimes I've reprinted some posts, especially the responses from Scott, and I appreciate your letting me do so. I hope you change your mind.

- Jake

Eric@Lot 14 said...

I don't really care where you post your comments. Just do it somewhere and tell me where it will be. You have been one of few bright spots this Summer.

Chris3404 said...

I'm sure the blog is a lot of work but somehow we have to keep positive thoughts swirling around amidst the rumors and lies. I've seen a number of developments and developers outside the Continental U.S. but I've never seen anything quite like this "high drama". There's plenty enough fiction being developed in Bocas (it's amazing what people in town will say when you don't let on you are buying at Red Frog)not to mention Panama City where we have friends who forward on what they hear through the grapevine. That's all bad enough but we also seem to have fellow investors causing as much fear as the general populace. Talk about shooting yourself(and the rest of us) in the foot!
If you don't want to keep the Blog open please keep up the intelligent dialog in Jake's forum or elsewhere (let us know).

Mick @ Lot 83 said...


My apologies. My threat to pull out was in frustration was due to having a series of bad weeks here at home and then seeing the feeding frenzy caused by the posts at Jake's blog, all to the negative, in my opinion.

But I have gotten quite a few supportive e-mail messages in addition to the comments posted here and will reconsider pulling the plug.

So keep and eye out. You know I never miss a chance to get on my soapbox. LOok for a rebuttal from Scott about the financial situation here on THIS blog.

Mick @ Lot 83