Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Red Frog Blog now open to anyone!

Since we weren't getting much participation, I decided to open the blog back up to the public and see where it takes us.

As Red Frog gears up for a January 1, 2008 resuming of work, several of the Northern California Red Frog owners have scheduled a get together in Marin County early in December. I'll post an update of what we discuss, if appropriate.

In the meantime, we are off to Hawaii for Thanksgiving (an expensive alternative to our Caribbean paradise!) where we are meeting friends and family at our Waikoloa Beach Resort luxury condominium! Gotta brush up on my surfing so I am ready for Panama when our villa is completed.

Mick @ Lot 83


chris3404 said...

Per the "Neighbors Blog" As November comes to a close we realize that it has been even quieter than usual on the island for the past couple of weeks.We have seen no evidence of the Senior Team, Suntracs, or a resumption of work after ten full months of inactivity.

There has been nothing said for weeks now in any of the blogs about anything.......the strike, loans, plans for the furure. Seems a bit odd. Any ideas? Is there a new Newsletter coming?

Any information would be good.

Mick @ Lot 83 said...


This is totally a guess, but with the holidays coming and all the paid time off for workers, Red Frog would we wise to wait until after New Years to start back up. That's what I would do if I were the boys.

It is now December 1 and they would only be back to work for a couple of weeks before they would have both Christmas and New Years to stop work, pay a bunch of union workers for not working anyway.

Let's see what the December newsletter says. Should be out any day now.

Mick @ Lot 83

george said...

I cant get in touch with any Red Frog admin. Whats up? My wife and I visited years ago and we just loved it! What a great opportunity. How far is the development from Polo's beach? We visited there and just fell in love with him and the area.